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Withdrawal List Lots 3, 23, 29, 40, 43, 44, 48, 64, 71, 87, 95, 111


  Boonaroo 2021 Bull Sale Catalogue Web Edition



Welcome to the Boonaroo web site.  Boonaroo is a 4000 acre Angus beef and prime lamb producing property in South West Victoria.

In February each year we auction our most elite Angus bulls in an on property sale.  The balance of the bulls get sold in the paddock throughout the year.

We also breed and sell White Suffolk Rams which we use as terminal sires over our commercial ewes.  We sell our White Suffolk Rams from October each year

Our commercial ewe flock, has the set percentage of 50% Corriedale, 12.5% East Fresian, 12.5% Border Leicester & 25% White Suffolk, which is a high fertility, milking flock, with 27-30 micron heavy cutting wool, lambing in June/July, producing export weight sucker lambs in November/ December.  Boonaroo also breeds and sells Maternal Rams that produce ewes of this type.  Every year we sell about 600 ewe lambs on Auctions Plus, in 2021 the ewe lambs will be sold in January.

2020 has seen Boonaroo calve down 420 stud cows, and further investment in 4 new walking sires and an extensive AI and embryo transfer program. We have seen a continuing swing in the industry to grass finishing driven by consumer demand. At Boonaroo we have been concentrating on this for a long time. The need for cattle to respond to the feed on offer is paramount to being able to finish calves and get females back in calf. When we started breeding Angus cattle back in 2003 we concentrated on structure and phenotype, retaining females which could thrive in our sandy soils, with good feet and a good temperament being number 1.
As we have developed our breeding herd, New Zealand genetics have played a major role, with their impeccable structure and natural ability to “do” on grass. At Boonaroo we continue to focus on making the cattle easy care, breeding females that calve easily without compromising growth and fertility, while maximising muscling while still retaining some (not too much) fat cover to enable grass finishing at any time of the year. MSA compliance is becoming critical in our industry as is ensuring that each new sire we introduce can achieve the necessary genetic gain to meet these MSA targets.

Over half of the 2021 sale bulls are “curve benders”, bulls which offer calving ease with-out compromising growth and quality. We have introduced new AI/ET sires including Clunes Crossing Dusty, a bull with plenty of calving ease and growth combined with a large eye muscle area, moderate fat and marbling. All progeny calved easily out of heifers. Booramooka Genius G120 is a bull we selected to use with structural soundness ebvs in the top 5% of the breed, high docility as well as good calving ease, growth, moderate fat with plenty of muscle. Prime Katapault is a great sire to reintroduce early maturity and put body depth and fleshing back into cattle. He is an ideal bull for using over heifers with very short gestation and tremendous calving ease. This year we have a lot of high growth bulls suitable for joining to cows by Merribrook Livewire, they are bulls in the top percentile of the breed for weight for age. These bulls have good fat cover so they retain their ability to be finished at any point in the season.
This year we have photographed every bull’s feet as he exits the crush, these photos along with the videos of the bulls walking will be available on the Auctions Plus website. All bulls have had structure assessed and weighed on 3.12.20, semen tested and feet photographed on 23.12.20, paddock photos from 20.12.20 to 7.1.21, videoed on 19/20.1.21.
We hope that you have the opportunity to join us to inspect 40 of the sale bulls during Vic Beef Week on Thursday Jan 28th at “Clifton”, Hamilton, or all 125 sale bulls during the SA Beef Week on Monday Feb 8th here at Boonaroo, or feel free to inspect the bulls at any other time by appointment. We look forward to sharing our hospitality with you at our field days and at the sale on Friday Feb 19th.

Boonaroo Victorian Field Day Thursday Jan 28th “Clifton”, Hamilton, 2021
Boonaroo SA Beef Week Monday Feb 8th, 2021
Boonaroo Angus Sale Friday February 19th 11.30 am, 2021

Covid 19 Registration and check- in will apply sale day, all Covid regulations will be followed.  Auctions Plus will be attending if Border Restrictions occur.

To be pro-active, should there be any tightening or changes to the Covid rules, we have endeavoured to put a number of measures in place that you, our clients, can attend our sale in safety, or alternatively operate through Auctions plus or over the phone with absolute confidence.

The measures we have put in place include:

  • Photos of all the bull’s feet posted on Auctions Plus.
  • Professional videos, taken by Ben Hooper, of all the sale bulls posted on Auctions Plus.
  • We will have a 4 x 2.5m big screen set up outside the sale barn so that people can have the option of sitting outside under marquees and viewing the sale on the screen. There will be agents in front of the screen to take your bids and relay them to the auctioneers.
  • Relocating pre-sale catering from inside the sale shed to an outdoor marquee, to maintain social distancing requirements.
  • Additional marquees, tables and chairs set up for post-sale luncheon and refreshments.

Should you have any further questions about the sale, the bulls, or wish to arrange a private inspection, please do not hesitate to give us a call.