Sales & Field Days


Victorian Beef Week Field Day “Clifton” Hamilton, Tuesday February 3rd, 2020
A selection of 30 bulls from our catalogue of 115 bulls will be displayed, alongside a pen of 10 heifers for the states heifer challenge.


SA Beef Week Filed Day to be held at “Boonaroo” Casterton, Monday February 10th 2020
All sale bulls will be presented, catalogues will be available on the day.



Boonaroo Angus Bull Sale  Friday Feb 21st, 2020 inspections from 9am, auction at 11.30am Vic time
Followed by an Angus steak lunch.


Boonaroo will offer a line of 115 Angus bulls, on Friday February 21st, 2020. Featuring soft, well muscled bulls with outstanding structure and a docile temperament.  We have focussed heavily on fat cover and muscling in our breeding programme, combining these two traits to produce cattle which can run at higher stocking rates without losing their ability to finish and be fertile.  New Zealand genetics feature strongly in the catalogue, with many of the bulls having NZ genetics on both sides of their pedigrees, providing a robust, sound and deep bodied line of bulls.

The Angus Society has changed the way Breedplan is programmed, they have included genomics in the Breedplan pedigree of the cattle so we see greater influence of it on the figures. We have observed a much larger variation of data from the new figures giving a wider range of positive or negative numbers, fat cover in particular is described with greater negatives than we’ve seen before and eye muscle areas seem to have reduced.  With Calving Ease and birth weight the numbers have also been exaggerated so there is a greater variation from the highest or best calving ease bull for example id +14 and the worst calving ease is -14.  So a fresh mindset needs to be used when assessing this new information, it cannot be compared to previous years.  All Angus cattle present with a new data set.

The foundation of any quality beef herd is its females and we have finished in the top 10 in the  State’s Heifer Challenge in 2012, 2014, 2015, & 2017 and we were judged the winners of the 2016 and the 2018 RASV Victorian and Southern NSW Beef Week heifer challenge, and winners of the South Australian heifer challenge in 2017. Once again in 2019 we were awarded top 10 status to go on and be Reserve Champions. Winning these esteemed awards gives us great confidence that our cattle rank amongst the best in South Eastern Australia and that our breeding objectives are producing the type of cattle that the beef industry demands.

Boonaroo sale bulls are well grown spring drop bulls with weights from 600-850kg by sale day.  The 115 bulls catalogued are a mixture of high growth bulls by Black Aqua Keystone K21, Anvil J6, and Atahua Freedom (pure NZ sire).  We also present a strong line of “curve benders” confirmed by our policy of weighing all calves at birth, these bulls although highly suitable for heifer joinings, still carry the frame, carcase, growth and outstanding maternal traits that guarantee these sires to be quality bulls to be used over your cows once their physical size sees them no longer suitable for heifer joining.  These sires include: TeMania Kasbah K338, Jarobee Bartel K117 and K129, Merchiston Steakhouse and Te Mania Lackey L27, who have consistently produced calves with these qualities.  Boonaroo Kernal K72 is in the Angus Benchmarking programme and is proving his incredible genetic predictability across many herds, he has a son in the sale.

All sale bulls are structurally assessed, fertility tested and guaranteed for 3 years on a pro rata basis.  At Boonaroo all bulls are vaccinated in the Zoetis Star programme and are free of all known reproductive diseases.    Please join us for our field days, on Tuesday, Feb 4th at “Clifton,” Hamilton, and again on Monday Feb 10th at Boonaroo, Casterton; and our Sale is on Friday Feb 21st, 2020 at 11.30am (vic time) with inspections from 9.00am at “Boonaroo”, 137 Fosters Lane, Casterton.


Friday 15th February, 2019

9.30 am inspections
11.30 am auction starts


137 Fosters Lane, Corndale
via Casterton 3311